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very well


"Look guys look! Its Anton s greatest achievement, AntonBlast on the Gameboy advance Ha Ha Ha!"

This was cool! The destruction, movements and cartoony feel. Excited to see how boss fights and other developments go with this game

Made a video


This game is SO GOOD like srsly i got myself to listen to Its happy hour! This game has ALOT of replayabillity even tho its a demo Cannot wait for the full game!


This game looks so fucking good



I was a huge Antonball fan, but I genuinely think this has the potential to be greater than Pizza Tower and maybe even Wario Land in my eyes. Keep up the #ANTONSWEEP!

Honestly this looks better then pizza tower-

And kinda is better then pizza tower by a whole ton-

very good yes very fun blasting

just put a fat italian pizza man and you have pizza tower 2

PHENOMENAL holy shit is it good

not sure if I can run it but it looks so great so I'll just assume it plays like heaven


Watch out Pizza Tower, it's coming for you!

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I love it. But I'm stuck at the elevator(?). It seems like I need to enter it, and I thought I'd just press up to do so, but I tried that, and a whole lot of other things and nothing seems to work. What am I supposed to do here?

okay, I guess I can just continue to the right. But I still don't get how I can interact, if at all, with the elevator.

Ok just continue that is when it is happy hour

Yeah, I got it now.

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Getting some strong wariolandy vibes!

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That's what it's going for
It's basically Wario land for the VB

this is a game

I'm bout to BLAST


He's Back!

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